Introducing Impakta

I have a new pet. Her name is Impakta and she likes to power-trip, chase women around tennis courts, engage in public cat fights, and dress way below her age. You will recognize her by her loud voice and strange mala-bunot hair.

I called in sick yesterday and spent the day resting. However, I asked Dad to bring me to the toy shop late last night because Sofia has been feeling bad about my forgetting to buy her a dollhouse. After all, she only asked me for it 1000x. And now it’s my turn to feel bad because Jiko might think I’m favoring Sofia so I might have to get him that ridiculously expensive PSP or PS3. (I dislike overpriced electronic toys. They’re TOYS for eff’s sake!!!) And then I can file for bankruptcy.

If I’ve already developed a tendency to spoil my siblings as an older sister, then I don’t know how I’ll manage to discipline my kids when I finally have them.

I’m so bored. I need a new book, a new game, a new hobby, or even resurrected hobbies. Anything to distract me from eating because I still have to lose a hundred pounds, haha. The treadmill is my boyfriend, but I’m having an affair with the elliptical.


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