Sofi’s birthday

Not only did they block Postsecret, they even blocked the web proxies that I use to check it! And it’s a Sunday!!! *throws tantrum*

I guess I have to wait ’til I get home before I see any sick, disturbing, twisted, perverted, and weird postcards. 😛

We had an impromptu birthday party last night for Sofia. Complete with cakes, cookies, spaghetti, and lots of other pika-pika. Everyone had fun, judging from the generated noise. We played with the other babies and kids and took lots of pictures. I blew the candle and received the presents because just before the guests started to arrive, the celebrant fell asleep and refused to wake up until after everyone left for home. Haha… And that’s how Sofia missed her own 3rd birthday party.

And here’s a snippet of a convo between me and Tobey, who’s 3 years old:

Me: Look, Tobey, here’s our small baby. (points at a sleeping Sofia)
Tobey: Baby! 🙂
Me: And that’s our BIG baby. (points at a sleeping 6-feet tall Jiko)
Tobey: (walks slowly towards the bed and peers) That’s a baby???
Me: Yes.
Tobey: o_o

Yup, Kuya Jiko slept through the whole thing as well.


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