How to look like a wreck on a weekday

This is relatively easy.

Play an addictive computer game the whole weekend.
This will ensure the instant development of the following:

  • An unstable body clock. “It’s 3am already!? I still have to finish this campaign!!!”

  • Unhealthy eating habits. Crisps over the keyboard and chocolate-chip cookie binging are just the beginning.
  • The sudden onset of Crest Amnesia, which makes the sufferer forget to shampoo his/her hair.

As soon as you return to work, your eyes are bloodshot, you’ll have eye bags reaching to your toes, a mini-spare tire has mysteriously appeared around your middle, your skin is splotchy with an even more mysterious zit on your cheek, and your hair still shows the shadow of its weekend tangle in spite of intensive shampooing and conditioning.

I think I just described myself here. No mirror needed. 😛

But before I could start another rant, let me just greet my precocious sister, Sofia, a very very happy 3rd birthday! I love you baby!

And, last but not the least, congratulations to J and his wife for having a healthy baby girl last weekend!


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