And pandemonium ensued

Mom wasn’t kidding about the noise.

Sofia is so talkative, she actually out-talked her self-confessed chatterbox of a sister (moi). After a couple of hours of trying to catch up, I finally collapsed on the couch and admitted defeat. But she never noticed. She just kept on talking about this, that, Mr. Brown the teddy bear, her clothes, jellybeans, panty-diapers versus regular types… well, you get the point. What amazes me is that everything comes from a person who is soooo TINY!

Even Jiko has given up. The only boy in the family promptly parked his butt in front of the computer and remained impassive even when the 3-year old climbed all over him.

I’ve been so used to the silence in the apartment when it was just me and Dad. How will I survive with three more months of this?

Of course, I’m incredibly happy. I’m so happy that I might even skip gym and try to pay back my substantial sleep debt. But then I might not.

The decision-making process:

8 am. Will go the gym. Packs clothes and shoes.
10 am. So sleepy. Maybe I can skip another day.
12:00 nn. Had just an apple for lunch. I’ve been so good, I might really pass for today.
12:25 pm. Ate two three pieces of tikoy (mooncake). Nopes, I’ll definitely work out.
1:59 pm. Raided the chinese food buffet table. Ate just a little. Plus a little white cake with the yummy marzipan.
2:15 pm. *cries* Stares at mirror and thinks “I look like a pregnant college student”. Now I really have to go!


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