Wunder-Blonde Moment

Everyone knows that one isn’t supposed to heat metal in a microwave. And that includes tinfoil.

But I was hungry, and the shawarma was totally wrapped in aluminum foil, so hunger + laziness + a moment of blonde clarity = epiphany: maybe it’s okay if I completely cover the tinfoiled sandwich with paper towels!

In two seconds, the paper bag and tissues covering the sandwich burst into flames. I panicked, opened the microwave, took the burning mess out and tossed it into the sink. I was so anxious that the smoke would trigger the alarms and the sprinklers that I nearly had heart palpitations while cleaning up the ashes.

After I calmed down properly, I ate the sandwich.

And that was how I nearly burned the department before 10:00 am. Thinking back, that wouldn’t have been such a tragedy.


2 thoughts on “Wunder-Blonde Moment

  1. meh.

    Well if the chairman can put a small piece of pitta bread in the microwave for 5 whole minutes (and him with hardly any hair of any color), then i think you can be forgiven your blonde moment.

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