A Barbarian at Heart

Almost nine years ago, I genuinely fell in love.

And it was all Alet’s fault.

She introduced me to the game Heroes of Might and Magic (version 1). The both of us formed a quick addiction. We would play until three to four in the morning, midterms be damned. At school, we would meet for lunch and discuss which scenario was the best, what out favorite creature was and which castle was the strongest. Alet loved the warlocks because they were strongest with magic while I preferred the barbarians because I liked to grow strong and win fast.

Then Ryan (Reyes) came and gave us HoMM III: The Restoration of Erathia. It took a while but Alet and I eventually warmed up to the improved graphics and more complicated campaigns, characters, spells, and lands. It was amazing! HoMM III was and still is an incredible strategy game and if a game of HoMM I ate up two to three hours off our weekend, then the third version became an obsession. We would vanquish overlords, protect kingdoms, and fight three types of dragons in between writing our thesis papers.

https://i2.wp.com/upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/fi/thumb/2/20/HOMM3-Box.jpg/250px-HOMM3-Box.jpg Our new favorite was the Tower with its mighty Titans and Sorcerers. And when we finally figured out a way to get almost perfect scores–the top ten were all Archangels–we finally realized that our infatuation with HoMM had come to an end.

It’s been years since I played HoMM III, let alone HoMM I. Until I found this lovely website where one could download old computer games that we thought were lost forever when we threw out the Windows 95 PCs. It’s called BestOldGames.net and guess what I found… Heroes of Might and Magic I!

I was so excited to try it again after AGES of not playing (I wanted to feel 15 again!) that I immediately downloaded it. But installing was another matter. It just refused to run and the windows kept on closing. I’m no techie and, normally, I’d give up after three tries because I honestly don’t know what’s wrong. But I wanted HoMM way too much to give up.

After a while, I found DosBox which would allow anyone to install ancient games, even the original Tetris, on a modern machine with Vista, like mine.

After a few awkward tries and an insta-tutorial, I was finally able to have HoMM I running on Sherlock–my Dell 1520 notebook.

Next, I need to find a copy of HoMM III. Greenhills? Virra mall?

Anyway, please excuse me. It’s 2:30 am and I still have a warlock and a sorceress to beat.

(I really should be cleaning. Mom, Jiko and Sofia are arriving in 20 hours or so. Plus, I have work and a few other commitments tomorrow. Or should I say later? Ack!)


2 thoughts on “A Barbarian at Heart

  1. I’ve never been a big gamer. The only game that ever held my interest for more than a couple of weeks was Myst, which I played with my dad! “Quality Time Together”? – ah well he tried to bond with his teenage son, give him some credit.

    And on a side note: Ahem

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