Jovett, Moi, Elaine, Kevin

We had the Ma’asalama (goodbye) for Jovett’s parents last Thursday. Jovett took care of the food, Elaine provided the place, and I planned the games. Everything went really well except for a minor accident involving me, Jovett’s brother Kevin, and a little shaving cream.

(After I rinsed Kevin’s eyes out I told him they were pink. He looked in the mirror, grinned and said they were cute. 😛 Teenagers.)

There are so many pics of me at the buffet and eating on the table with the contents of my plate in full view. (I’ll kill you, Jovett! Hahaha!) No, I do not diet. My dad’s starting to tease me about the extra pounds I’ve gained after I skipped three weeks of gym and developed a pizza addiction. I’m usually thinner than this, but I’m still too lazy to start any disciplined diet. Maybe I can just walk it off.

I can be obsessive about my weight sometimes but, generally, I don’t like the look of really thin women. I think girls like Rachael Ray are sexy. I suppose that as long as you’re comfortable with your own body, then it’s enough.

But I’m still losing the extra five pounds. I can’t afford to buy new clothes!


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