This girl went to the prom … again

I twisted my hair up, actually wore make-up, and put on a short, filmy dress in spite of the cold. But I didn’t go there to dance, I was there as a judge.

Of course, I was already late to begin with but Dad managed to drop me at the wrong school. Then traffic happened. When I finally arrived, I started shivering violently and didn’t stop even when we were sitting at the center of the of the court-turned-into-pirate-ship with the spotlight pointing straight at my eyes.

Almost all of the kids looked great, but a few of the nominees looked really good. My favorite was a boy in a suit with a silver hook in one hand, a pirate’s eyepatch, and a parrot on his shoulder. His hair was spiked and colored. The whole package somehow fit and he carried it off with such style that I gave him super high points for everything. Naturally, he won Prom King. 😀

Later, Elaine and I waved the kid over to us and did an impromptu photoshoot then and there. I adore young male fashionistas because they are *so* rare!

The dancing wasn’t that fun because the music was horrible, but I did have my cradle-snatching moment:

Me: OMG, Leng! Look at that boy, he is so cute! Very Adrian Brody.
Elaine: Yes, but you might have to support his college ed.
Me: I don’t care, I’ll even pay for his allowance.
Elaine: *cracks up*


Me: Cute teenage boy is dancing with some short, skinny girl right in front of us!
Elaine: Tsk, it’s just not meant to be.
Me: 😛

And he was even younger than my baby brother! Haha… So very Demi/Ashton.

I feel so old.


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