Another pointless rant on a pointless topic

Every morning, I watch American news programs (because my Dad watches them) and right now they’re always talking about the elections. Hillary or Obama? John McCain or the other Republican losers? Since I’m not American, I don’t really care about their politics, but I have to admit that it’s impossible not to find the Hillary/Obama race fascinating.

Hillary seems so old-school. She’s intelligent, experienced, and anyone knows that she would do one hell of a job. But Obama is scarily charismatic. He could talk about fate and destiny in accordance with politics and NO ONE in the audience is laughing! They’re all staring at him like he’s the next Messiah who has come to change the face of American politics, make miracles, heal the sick, and kill all the identity theives.

Personally, I can relate. 🙂

I envy these Americans. At least their politics can be taken seriously. Back home, a handful of people run, but the former leading man turned action star who just happened to make a blockbuster movie before the election always wins. And then he’ll make a major boo-boo and accidentally expose his gambling ties and multiple mansions acquired through corruption. People will all gather in a dirty intersection, announce EDSA V (or is it VI or VII), oust him, and swear his VP into the position. After a few years, everyone is restless again. They start hating the one in power, remember the action star who is languishing in his 5-star, air-conditioned prison, and start muttering about “things being not-so-bad before”. They install his son and his wife into the Senate. They hold major rallies to drop all charges against him and totally forgive the fact that he stole taxpayers’ money to ensure the future of his ugly children’s children and fund the production of his ugliest son’s ambition to be an action star like his father and hire the most expensive starlet to be his leading lady.

While the labor force try to exist with outdated laws and an appallingly low income.

I can just see that same son running for President in a few years. We have short memories and possess an immature concept of justice.

Don’t mind me, I’m just drinking coffee here. In another country that I don’t even like. 🙂 Because I believe in funding my brother’s education rather than contributing 1/3 of my salary to the newest island that the next Pres might want to purchase.

2 thoughts on “Another pointless rant on a pointless topic

  1. When it comes to history, the world collectively has a very short memory. Wars that are being fought are only remembered while they are still headline news. When something more likely to sell comes up, the headlines are replaced, and people forget. It only takes a few months – or weeks – for people to swallow complete contradictions to what was previously reported.

  2. Yes. But what amazes me is that everything ridiculous, funny, and impossible-except-in-movies in other places are so REAL back home. And everyone makes a bigger production out of it. Haha…

    Oh well. The US might be following in our footsteps. *cough*Schwarzenegger*cough*

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