"Do Not Panic"

I haven’t blogged for a week, so this could be long.

(And someone complained that he needed his daily Steffi-fix.)

Last week I was prevented from airing my ire over the net by WORK. Even when I had some extra minutes at night, I’d curl up under my red blanket and sleep instead trying to think of something to say when I had zero inspiration to write and even less thinspiration to exercise.

Even after the workshop was over and I had the whole weekend to myself, I just slept.

And read The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, could be funnier or more witty than this 5-book series by Douglas Adams (except possibly Terry Pratchett’s Discworld). It’s about the interplanetary adventures of Arthur Dent, Ford Prefect, Trillian, and Zaphod Beeblebrox. Everything always went wrong but things somehow managed to twist themselves right with the aid of a certain electronic book, “The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”, which has grillions of annotations, is a bit cheaper than the Encyclopaedia Galactica, and has a plastic cover with the words DON’T PANIC written in large, friendly letters.

I’m still in Book 4, So Long and Thanks for all the Fish, but I was so inspired by it that I might prevent the past two very traumatic months from happening again by making the Ultimate Hitch Hiker’s Organizer’s Guide Checklist for Professional Get-togethers for reduced panic and stress attacks in the future.

Also, on a more important note, it was noted that Starbucks changed their snack supplier because all the muffins–all my favorite scrumptious, perfectly-textured muffins that are oh-so-perfect with coffee–are gone! I almost cried!! I live for those banana chocolate chip muffins!!! What will I eat whenever I get cravings to stuff my not-so-slender body with complex carbohydrates and hydrogenated vegetable fat that’ll turn me into a classic cardiac case by the time I’m 30?

We should launch a signature campaign! Or a Bwing-Back-Zee-Muffins rally. I’ll even pay my little brother to picket, dagnabbit! #*&%@!!!

And before I forget, here’s my “Good List”. I know! I skipped a whole week. So here’s a weeks worth:

  1. I managed to be friendly the whole week. Yay! (Translation: Did not blow-up or make sarcastic remarks.)
  2. I only hit one person–KZ, who made a remark about my existentialism. I didn’t even touch N, who was practically selling me to this Italian septuagenarian who was obsessed with dirty jokes.
  3. I kept my desk clutter free for a day, giving the wood some room to breathe for a while.
  4. I made cookies for everyone.
  5. I went to my weekly soul-cleaning, even if I was soooo tempted to go home due to sleepiness and fatigue. And I apologized when I had to.

I feel like a second-grader. Hehe.

In a couple of weeks, my Mom, Jiko, and my tiny lookalike Sofia will arrive to make sure that I will never get a quiet moment for the next three months of my life. So I’m signing off now to sleep. My lazy blogger stage is over and I promise to be back with another inane, non-existential post tomorrow.

Mwah! Goodnight.

One thought on “"Do Not Panic"

  1. A Good List? Great idea. I’ll try.

    1. I blew up at I.T. who was whining and being a um noodle, and then felt guilty and bought him a coffee. [1 bad + 1 good = 0]

    2. I only hit on one person.. oh hang on.. Ok I didn’t hit anyone.. [1 bad + 1 good = 0]

    3. I pretended that my desk was clutter free by piling everything onto the desk behind me. Then lots of new work came in and covered my desk again. [1 good + 1 bad = 0]

    4. I didn’t make any cookies, but I sure helped to eat some. [1 bad + 1 good = 0]

    5. I took my sister shopping and then stayed for a cup of tea even though I was exhausted after work and had a headache. But I was late home and dinner was spoiled. [1 good + 1 bad = 0]

    Grand Total: 0

    Oh well, at least I break even.

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