Not so Goody-goody

Before you read this, see previous post.

I’m such a failure! I feel like I did nothing that would classify as “good” today as I spent most of it getting stressed out, upset, or snarling. Okay, so I suppose I can’t go from a-bit-bitchy to totally angelic in just one day, so I’ll just make a progress list for now.

  1. I only rolled my eyes and gnashed my teeth 40% of the time I was on the phone as opposed to 80%, which is my usual rate. That’s a 50% cut-off!
  2. I only growled once while waking up. (Five is the regular number. There’s a reason Dad calls me Tiger.)
  3. I took one minute out of my lunch time to carry coffee to the Chairman’s office because he has two supposedly important-enough guests. He had to ask nicely as he couldn’t find anyone else, and I was sitting there with my hand on my forehead, determined that NOTHING would make me rise out of that chair for at least fifteen minutes. I think that men ogling at a woman carrying coffee demeans feminine dignity so I’ve decided to never do that unless I really REALLY have to. But, hey, he’s the boss. And he asked so politely. Twice.
  4. When I was in the C——– R——– Department, feeling extraordinarily pissed off because of a completely stupid regulation, I calmly said “This is highly irregular” instead of snapping “This is bureaucratic crap”.
  5. I only said the F word once–and very softly, too–because I tripped and lost my concentration. Only J heard, so that was harmless. I think.

See? I am improving! Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get better. *sigh*

And, before I end this post….

Happy, happy birthday to my bestfriend, Tina! MWAH! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Not so Goody-goody

  1. I don’t know how I would react if B asked me to get coffee. I don’t think I would quite manage to tell him to f off.

    I file getting coffee along with taking laundry.

  2. It’s worse when you’re a girl.

    You know, I realize that I did all that. I’ve taken laundry, wheeled food and coffee trolleys all over the place, carried a dozen med charts at a time back and forth, paid their personal phone bills, watched while the maintenance fixed water heaters in their houses, bought breakfast and lunches, ordered and delivered giant cakes to several departments during special occasions… and made coffee.

    I was an unofficial PA and waitress. They didn’t include those in the job description (not even in the fine print).

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