Cris told me that ingesting citrus fruits or juices before the main meal is really healthy for one’s digestion. And that’s the reason why I’m eating a large orange with pulpy grapefruit juice right now–NOT because I’m on a diet, as some people believe. 😛

In other words, this is my appetizer before I order another Kudu Beef Lunch or a McDonalds’ supersized Double Cheeseburger meal.

I gave up dieting. Starving oneself just doesn’t work. My weight has been steady and my body has been behaving lately (not bloating) so I’m taking it easy. I can panic again when I gain a pound or two and then I’ll end my workout-break and start exercising again. Hopefully, my hemoglobin won’t be that low in a week or two and I won’t pass out anymore.

Speaking fruity stuff, one of my favorite things is the Body Shop Strawberry shower gel. Jovett gave me a bottle as part of her Christmas package for me and this has done wonders for my peace of mind before bedtime. 🙂

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