Mrs. Josh Groban

I nearly passed out last Wednesday afternoon because I insisted on going to the gym (against doctor’s orders). I was on the machine for barely five minutes before I gave up because I don’t really want to end up in the ER again. 🙂

But my body seemed to be determined to show me how displeased it was with me by making my left calf hurt like hell the whole weekend. I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t walk and Omega painkiller became my new bestfriend.

It’s a lot better now, but I have to delay my regular workout again. Skip another week, maybe?

As for the title of this post…

While watching a rerun of American Idol Gives Back, I was pleased to see that Josh Groban was one of the performers.

Me: Baby Sofia loves him. She sings along with his songs.
Dad: He looks young. How old is he?
Me: Maybe my age.
Dad: Great voice.
Me: And he has a really kind face.
Dad: He can’t play a bad guy in a movie.

Dad: OMG, you have to find him. You have to marry him!


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