All because of Babel

me: it was so strange to watch babel. it’s a really good movie, but i felt so low after watching. it just made me feel even more unsettled when i already feel more like an outsider every day that i stay here.

j: so. go. 🙂 nothing stopping you. the whole world out there waiting.

me: wow, motivational speaker, isthatchu?

j: no one else will do it for you… and procrastinating for a month can turn into procrastinating for a year and then another. all the time you being miserable because you’re still here.

Yes, yes. I am the best procrastinator in the world I’ve turned the Mañana Habit into a lifestyle. So I better give myself a deadline before I turn to dust on this stupid chair.


To start with, I’m going to the gym today. I didn’t work out for a week due to health reasons (I’m serious!) but that’s more than enough delay or else I’ll start looking like the banana-date muffin I just inhaled.


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