A great civilization is not conquered from without until it is destroyed from within.
– W. Durant

Mel Gibson’s latest directorial effort was not what I expected. But then I’ve never seen Braveheart, and I only watched Passion of the Christ because I’m Catholic and I fangirl Jim Caviezel to bits. 🙂 I noticed that for Gibson, nothing but an epic movie would suffice, and Apocalypto is one indeed.

Rudy Youngblood was wonderful as Jaguar Paw. The dialogue is sparse, and one has to make do with subtitles unless you can understand the ancient Mayan language. But the action, sound effects, and beautiful cinematography more than make up for it. Everyone is colorful with lots of tattoos and exotic piercings and even the men have the type of long flowing black hair that you wouldn’t see these days. Maybe I should have auditioned for the movie–with a few markings I would have blended in–but I’m just not sure about the girls’ costumes (or the lack of them).

And that’s all I’m going to say because Apocalypto is meant to be seen and not described.


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