Stubborn kid and lethargic weekend

I’m wearing a big, silly smile right now. This typically happens after a nice conversation with my “ex who I call my ex because even if we never broke up in spite of an 8-month separation we’re really quite realistic about these things and we’ve both moved on quite happily but we still stubbornly communicate fairly regularly (including the token i-love-yous, i-miss-yous, and semi-embarrassing telephone kisses)”.


So that’s that. Someone pry this grin from my face, please.

I’ve finished the 75-issue The Sandman re-reading and it was like falling for Morpheus and Neil Gaiman all over again. All those humans/goddesses/witches who dumped Morpheus–he who is the coolest, strangest, and most infuriating– during his 10 billion year lifespan must be suffering from severe dementia. Silly girls.

And then I watched BBC’s 1995 adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. Yes, the version that made Colin Firth into the modern Mr. Darcy. 6-hours long, but it was so worth it.

Mr Darcy & Lizzie (Colin Firth & Jennifer Ehle)

And that about concludes my weekend. I’m supposed to avoid exercise and take it easy and my brain translated that into a whole weekend of valid couch potato-ing for health reasons.


3 thoughts on “Stubborn kid and lethargic weekend

  1. i loooooooooooooooove this adaptation. i prolly rented the dvd set like 4 times and had marathons over sem breaks….bagay si J.Ehle as Liz Bennett, and yes, Firth is so Mr. Darcy!

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