Heath Ledger is dead. I’m still not over it.

How could someone so young and talented die so early? But if I knew the answer to that question, I’d be rich by now. They’re still undecided as to whether it was a suicide or an accidental overdose of sleeping pills.

Watching Brokeback Mountain would never feel the same again.



7 thoughts on “Heath

  1. Reading this news on a Wed morning was really sad. However, i read that you CANNOT die from a sleeping pill overdose, at least not from the store-bought ones…

  2. my officemates and i were commenting how shitty it would have been if all he wanted to do was sleep..cos apparently he was complaining of sleeping problems in a recent interview…wherever he must be now, he must be going “aww shit, and all i wanted to get was some shuteye…”

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