damnation to ironing

Dr T passed by today. It’s his first visit since he left for Canada last year. I greeted him enthusiastically enough and then…. I noticed something.

Me: OMG. You look like an actor.
Dr T: Yes, a mataba (fat) actor.
Me: No! A really cute famous one.
Dr T:
Me: … But he died this morning.
Dr T:

Yes, Dr T is a Heath Ledger lookalike! Even the smiles are identical! J didn’t believe me so he Googled Heath Ledger until he finally admitted that I was right. 😀

I feel very passionate about certain things, not just about the things I like but the things I dislike. And they are:

  • Ironing – I have a huge pile of clothes that I need to iron. This is the reason why I’ve been dressing like some lost college kid at work again.
  • Folding my laundry – The even bigger pile on the couch has been begging for my attention for days. I’m never too tired to go to the gym but when I see the clothes… *sighs* I just can’t lift a finger.
  • Filing (grrrr) – Let’s not even go there.
  • Taking a bath with cold water – Dad once used up all the hot water because he just *had* to use warm water to wash the dishes WHILE I WAS TAKING A SHOWER. It’s January and it’s freezing and I spent half of my shower with ice-cold water pouring over my shampooed hair just because of those plates. I stepped out of the bathroom ready for war.

Dr R, my physician, just told me that I’m not allowed to go to the gym tonight. In fact, I’m not supposed to exercise for the whole weekend.

He actually sounded serious. Hehe.

Yes, I have severe anemia again. Add that to the list with my epilepsy and hormonal imbalance and I could be a walking pharmacy.


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