The Overgrown Kid tries to look like a Grown-up

Soon after I turned 18, my mother bought a couple of suits from Debenhams (one grey, one black) with the hope that I would soon start dressing like a grown-up. Now, six years later, she’s still hoping. 😀

How do I dress? I’m not sure, I wear and match whatever I like and they usually come out nice no matter how improbable it may seem at first. But I’ve never squeezed my body into a suit until last night while I was looking at the contents of my cabinet and wondering why I’ve never worn the grey suit which suddenly acquired a lot of positive qualities I’ve never noticed before.

Granted, I haven’t done my ironing yet, and it was either that or the red blouse that’s two sizes too big.

So this morning, my mother got her wish. Yesterday I was wearing a cute maternity-ish dress from Topshop. Now I’m wearing a damned suit. The top part anyway. Blazer. Whatever. The point is, it looks like proper office attire. :-O For the first time in almost four years, I’ve actually followed the dress code! *weeps* I look like an adult! WAH!

J says I look smart. Hmph. *adjusts collar* But that doesn’t make me feel any less like my Grade One teacher. (Sorry, Miss Timbang. I liked you, but you weren’t exactly Sienna Miller.)


This will never happen again.


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