In Stasis

Don’t you just hate it when someone asks “How are you?”

I do. Really. For one, I don’t think they’re interested. Because if they are, they wouldn’t freak out if I suddenly grab their collars and say “OMGI’msostressedbecauseI’vebeenworkingtoomuch. PlusI’vebeenskippinggymeveryotherdayandI’moh-so-afraidthatmybuttisgettingHUGE! AndIneedmoretimetoreadbooks! Plus4400issodisappointingbecauseIhateJordanCollier’sguts!!!”

Oh yes, they would freak out and assign me as Dr Z’s latest patient. Ahahaha. So I just glance at them and say “Fine”.

Other alternative favorite answers:

  • “Okay.”
  • “Still alive.”
  • “Utterly bored.”
  • “Grrrr”
  • *shrugs*

Lately, I’ve been so bored with my life. I don’t feel the need to go out (except when I have to shop) and I’m happy just staying in my room to watch one of my series-of-the-moment or just read one of the books I haven’t touched yet. I used to have a lot of problems that stressed me out. Now the only exciting thing about my days is work.

I’m lethargic.


3 thoughts on “In Stasis

  1. Hang on… freaking out at being suddenly assaulted by a pretty lady… somehow reflects that I’m not interested?! Weird logic.

  2. rainbow: well, it’s not like i have a choice. if your personal life has the excitement of vanilla, then i have to look forward to work or i’ll die of boredom. heh. 😀

    howzit: i like your logic. 🙂

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