Family Mechanics

Sometimes my Mom just can’t stand it so she calls me just to complain. I don’t blame her. Getting stuck with a 17-year-old (Jiko) and a 3-year-old (Sofia) and having to listen to everything they talk/scream about can be trying. She once told me that she wanted to wear earphones all the time because she was afraid she’d go deaf.

I asked her:

Me: Mom, are Jiko and Sofia close?
Mom: Well, they fight a lot. Their conversations usually go like this…

3: Food! For Baby! 😀
17: No, that’s for the both of us.
3: No! Only for Baby! X-(
17: No, for us.
3: For Baby!!! *WAAAAAH*
17: No. 😛
*crying and pandemonium ensues*

That or…

3: *toddles into a room*
17: I will cook Baby.
3: No!
17: Yeeessss… cook Baby. Hehehe.
3: Cook Kuya Jiko also!
17: Cook Baby. Cooooooook!
3: Moooooommmyyyy!

Mom: So if you call that interaction, then I could call them “close”.
Me: LOLz

I shall definitely buy her earphones. Big ones.


3 thoughts on “Family Mechanics

  1. I used to be able to filter out the noise of children bickering until I moved out.

    Now a trip back to ye olde homestead is a test of my nerves.

    Carrying on a conversation with five people at once used to be a doddle. Now it all just merges into an incomprehensible babble. My eyes glaze over and I dribble slightly.

    I much prefer the relative solitude of my own house (even if the neigbour’s kids play soccer in the yard till dawn).

  2. I think weird sibling dynamics are manifested in different ways in our family.

    When Gab was a baby, we invented another baby brother, by the name of John Paul, pag nde namin sya pinapansin…or if he would do something naughty and we would go “Ay, we love John Paul na lang..” I think uptil he was 2, he thought we DID have another brother called John Paul 🙂

  3. j, in a few more years, you’ll have the lovely noise of your own kids in your home, hehehe. and you’ll probably have to play “dolls” once in a while.

    dia, hahaha!!! that is such a genius way to torture little brothers and sisters. why didn’t i think of that? i think i used to trick jiko so much that he’s trying to take revenge by provoking sofi’s temper. =D

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