The one thing I love about being in my twenties is eating whatever I want whenever I want. If I crave chocolate bars at 10:00 AM, then that’s exactly what I’ll eat.

For lunch these days, I’ve returned to an old favorite: Dunkin Donuts bran muffins and Cone Zone black coffee. Here’s the art of eating a perfect muffin:

  1. Carefully peel off the paper cup from the bottom of the bran muffin, making sure that not a single chunk sticks to the foil.
  2. Eat the bottom half first, slowly, until only the crusty muffin top is left.
  3. Punctuate each bite with a sip of Cone Zone’s brewed black coffee (best with almond syrup :D).
  4. Polish the muffin top off with relish. Repeat #3 until coffee completely disappears.
  5. Sit back and enjoy at least one minute of complete silence.

Read the complete post here: The Art of Eating a Perfect (Dunkin Donut) Bran Muffin in 20 minutes

I obviously want one now, which is why I rehashed this topic. But I’m delaying going outside because it’s too cooold to walk all the way to Dunkins. *cries*

But doesn’t shivering make one burn extra calories? 😀


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