Mr. Gorgeous in a black coat

I saw this guy today for the nth time this week. He used to work here but a year or so ago I heard that he left due to job stress and the like. It seems that he’s back… and he looks incredibly gorgeous. I mean, he used to be cute but he was never that outstanding. Still, he was once the indirect cause of an incident that resulted in a giant bruise on my thigh.

These days, he just looks perfect… The hair, the clothes, everything is just perfect!

I would totally *crush* on him except that Mr. Gorgeous is also Mr. Flagrantly-Gay and I don’t want to make things hard for myself. 🙂

Just this morning, I stumbled on this blog while looking for a photo of a muffin. It’s written by a guy who realized that he might be gay while he was in a long-term relationship with a girl. It’s quite an interesting read so if you’re intrigued, click here and start from the bottom.


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