Bayanihan: Lost in Translation

I know I need a vacation. Or a bad case of the flu so I can get a few days break. Heh. But I’m not going to talk about work today.

2007 has been horrible to me. I was so determined that 2008 would be different but January’s already bent on torturing me. *growls* I’ll make this year so FAB even if it kills me.

During my grade school years back home, I remember how often our teachers would proudly tell us how unique Bayanihan was to the Philippine society.
Bayanihan mural by Carlos “Botong” Francisco

Bayanihan is a Filipino term taken from the word bayan, referring to a nation, town or community. The whole term bayanihan refers to a spirit of communal unity or effort to achieve a particular objective.

Living abroad, far away from one’s home, is supposed to strengthen the bayanihan spirit of the Filipino people. We’re all supposed to want to help each other more, go the extra mile, extend kindness towards your kabayans, etc.

However, in my almost four years of working here, I found this to be mostly untrue. Yes, I know a number of Filipinos who are very kind. But here in my workplace, I often encounter extra consideration from people who do not come from the same country as I do. Surprisingly, it is my fellow Filipinos who often act inflexible, unyielding, unwilling to help, and sometimes even rude and offensive.

It reminds me of the news article I read a few years ago about this Pinoy US Embassy worker in Manila who yelled at the people who were applying for a visa. How rude and conceited. It’s the typical colonial behavior.

I would be the last person to be biased. I just thought about my observations and found them disappointing. Has the Global Pinoy lost his/her values?


5 thoughts on “Bayanihan: Lost in Translation

  1. you got it bebe. yabang pinoy din.

    marami kahit kinakausap mo na sa tagalog, sasagutin ka sa ingles, pilipit naman ang dila. sarap sakalin. lol

  2. Great classic by Botong!

    Mas namamayagpag ang Crab Mentality sa mga Pinoy ngayon, TSK!

    Atsaka sagad na rin colonial mentality, nakakabanas.


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