Pure Misery

I’m getting tired of my misery. My hatred of work seems to be attracting more work. (See the Law of Attraction) The whole desk and the floor is my inbox and outbox combined and they just get messier over time. I think people give me work just to spite me and not because these trivial things mean life and death.

To make me forget about the sheer pointlessness of my life at the moment, I turned to Star Trek: TNG. Unfortunately, that only made me more miserable as I was rudely reminded that Data and I can never be together forever. Why? Because (1) He’s a fictional character in an 80’s-90’s TV series and the actor is a married old guy by now, and (2) Data is an android, he’s incapable of feelings and biological children are out of the question. However #2 can easily be overcome; I can love him enough for the both of us* and we could always adopt.

When I woke up from my unplanned nap, I found that Dad had cooked the spaghetti and made the pasta too salty. He must have soaked it in Dead Sea water. Great, more sodium to turn me into a bloated whale when I have just made a vow to lose XXX pounds and fit into those ridiculously slim Mango jeans by next weekend. (Next time, I make the pasta!)

I listened to Misery by Soul Asylum on my iPod and that only made everything worse! My angst grew to unimaginable proportions that I almost ran away to join a rock band and write lyrics dedicated to the boy who wouldn’t dance with me when I was 6.

… and those are the reasons why I went shopping. It’s amazing how a pretty dress on sale can fill the emptiness in one’s soul.

I should end this right here but to add insult to injury, someone really smart adjusted the office temperature and made it too hot. We have an indoor heatwave in the middle of a cold winter.
= =

* Stole this line from Lal. 🙂


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