Got this from Janis’ blog. 7 random facts about me:

  1. If I don’t pluck my eyebrows, I look perpetually sad. Like now.
  2. I’m irritated with people who take the elevator to go up or down just 1 floor. There are stairs, and they just annoy the others who really have to take it (those who have to go 3+ floors). Exceptions are women in stilettos, cripples, and persons who have some sort of stair phobia, like me.
  3. I’m afraid of getting a haircut because my hair might get upset with me and that would be the end of my good hair days.
  4. Sometimes I look a lot younger than my age (some people thought I was still in high school *lol*). And sometimes I look married with 3 kids.
  5. I adore Terry Pratchett’s books.
  6. I’m torn between naming my future first daughter Olivia or Lilith.
  7. I use a purple furry pencil case as a make-up and toothbrush kit.


  8. I really have to work now. 😛

3 thoughts on “Siete

  1. I can’t pluck my eyebrows,always have to ask someone to do it for me;)

    #2 Ouch!! hahaha I tend to take elevator simply bec I’m lazy!!

    Will ask you baby names sooner or later;)

  2. Cheh, I’m so lazy with eyebrow plucking, hahaha… It hurts too. That’s why I hate doing it.

    I used to have a list of favorite baby names. I’d match them with my Italian-sounding last name but then I remembered that they’d probably have a different one. Heh. 😀

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