Reese is luv

One more season (the 7th) to go and I’ll be through with Malcolm in the Middle. I just love this dysfunctional family with the oversexed and overworked parents, and the five totally diverse brothers: Francis, Reese, Malcolm, Dewey, and Jamie. I love them, but I wouldn’t want to be their neighbor.


My favorite is Reese, the second child who is a year older than Malcolm. He’s supposed to be a bully and a twit but NO ONE has a knack for adventure like Reese. If Malcolm is an academic and mathematical genius and Dewey could compose operas and play anything on the piano, then Reese’s genius is concentrated on pure manic trouble-making.

I have to be careful, though. I’ve been watching so much MITM that I’m starting to sound like Reese!

Oh, and I have two more hours to finish whatever’s left of my work and a presentation. I’m avoiding all phone calls and emails ’til then. 🙂


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