I’m working OT on a Wednesday afternoon/evening and I’m all alone here in the department. The hallway looked so dark and creepy the last time I stepped out to take the letters from the Canon scanner.

I think the cleaner heard me moving because he just knocked on the office door a few minutes ago, insisting that I open it so he could clean. So what if it’s “cleaning day”? I am NOT opening the door when I don’t even know who the guy is and there is no other human being within screaming distance. I’d rather leave the office un-vacuumed.

I’m trying to minimize the Mayon volcano of papers on my desk. I have this fantasy of finishing all my pending, actually completing my long to-do list, emptying the inbox, responding to and archiving all my emails, taking the used coffee mugs to the kitchen, and getting rid of the foot-high filing pile. My desk would look oh-so-clean and neat and everyone can ohhh and ahhh over the color of the wood which had not seen fluorescent light since after it was assembled.

When that day comes I can quit happy. 🙂

Oh my, one of ze quasi-bosses just asked me out. *flips phone* Too bad, not my type. And I don’t date doctors. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Overwhelmed

  1. I don’t mean to generalize, hehe. But working with too many of them everyday made me tired of the “God complex”. Plus the hours are crazy, they’ll never have time for their girlfriends/wives.

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