Resolutions are?

I was so determined to start this year right that I did the unthinkable and cleaned my room last night. I was incredibly exhausted from work and the gym and for the whole two hours I dearly wished that I could just pay someone to magic my mess for me but I did it anyway.

I even have 2008 resolutions:

  1. I shall be a nicer person. I shall try to be less mean and I’ll even minimize the lait sessions (making fun of certain beings behind their backs) even if it amuses the hell out of me. I will be polite, civil and engaging at all times. Exceptions to the “nice” rule are jologs, overconfident pr1cks, creepy stalker-types, strangers who give unsolicited advice, people who say “you look fat!” , and hairy katutubos who whistle at you when you pass the corridor.

    Oh look! I said the same thing two years ago.

  2. I’ll eat less. So what if I’m capable of demolishing a whole pizza by myself without gaining weight? Imagine all the kids in Africa who’ll be eating more because there will be one less person hogging the resources.

Just today, on the first day of the year, I immediately broke resolution #1. But it’s not my fault! I was provoked! *lol* I was just sitting there in the middle of the sea of papers that’s a permanently fixture on my desk–slowly dying because I was working on a workshop, a course, and the paperwork for a couple of new recruits all at once–when I checked my email and saw that two of my block room bookings for the department were declined.

I saw red.

I spent precious minutes checked the blasted system to see if those hours and rooms were free and reserving them for the entire year! And I received instant rejections with stupid notes attached. I wouldn’t have reacted badly if the comments made sense. But nooooo! Fiji’s temp replacement seemed to be too proud of his mini-IQ.

So I called and discovered that he was a guy with a girl’s name. No wonder. Probably a 20-year old, skinny fresh grad or a 35-year old who has never had sex in his life. We had a 3-minute conversation where I’ve established myself as the bitch in his work life.

I need more chocolates. (Screw resolution #2.)

Oh yeah, happy new year. 😛


2 thoughts on “Resolutions are?

  1. hahaha! me too. i make new ones and eventually break them anyway. 😀

    i used to do a lot of “i will go on a diet” resolutions but i never push through. 😀

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