We had our ma’asalama (goodbye) lunch for Ellie today.

Ellie is our supervisor. Last night, I went to her house to pick up the contraband AND to convince her to stay. But after a year and a half of grief in this department after Dr McLean left, she’s really decided about leaving. We really don’t want her to go. 😦 If I don’t like the replacement I’m going to take that as a sign that I should resign. }:)

They got a different caterer for today’s lunch and I liked them so much that I ate two platefuls plus dessert. *BURPS* I was going to skip gym for New Year’s Eve but after this? Haha. This’ll be the last holiday binge.

And because 2008 is coming, I promise to clean my room tonight. 🙂

I can’t believe this: some woman was offended by Neil Gaiman’s Stardust. (click!)

My 12-year old daughter chose Stardust for a school book report. We purchased it in paperback at Barnes and Noble. From the packaging, it looked like an appropriate fantasy story for her age and her 6th grade teacher approved it. We were very offended to find that it had an explicit sex scene and the word “fuck” in it. The marketing of this book was misleading. Were you intending to mislead children into reading it? Why would you do this?

Hahahaha!!! This has to be the most ridiculous complaint sent to a writer. It’s so obvious that Stardust is not a piece of “children’s literature”. Plus, there are zero explicit sex scenes. She probably missed the likes of Judith Krantz to be offended by the cute boyxgirl stuff in Stardust. And when Yvaine, the star, fell from the heavens and landed in some strange forest, I think she had every right to say FUCK (in very small letters).

I still have to see the movie.


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