Coincidence in Chicklit

I liked Me & Mr Darcy by Alexandra Potter so much that I got her other book, Be Careful What You Wish For, and read it in one night, which explains why I’m still awake at 4am. (Well, that book and the movie She’s the Man. 😀)

I’m not going to review the book. It’s just that after I’ve finished reading it and all, I realized that the heroine is a redhead named Heather.

*dies laughing*

I know this isn’t funny if you aren’t me. 😀 But my last ex’s ex was a redhead named … (drumroll) … Heather, and I remember feeling vaguely jealous of her because he was in love with her years ago before me and because pale, wavy redheads were his usual type. (I’m Asian with black, iron-straight hair; figure it out.) She even bugged him a few times when we were together. Now I just feel like inviting her for a drink so we can swap stories.

How girly of me. Unfortunately, that wouldn’t be possible anytime soon as there is at least one ocean and a continent between us. But you never know.

Now, back to the book. It’s pretty good. Read it if you need a mood makeover or right after a boyfriend dumps you. It’s books like these that remind single girls from 20-40 that there is is still hope! It’s just too bad that the fun-tastic male protagonists are pure fiction.

My singlehood is starting to make others wonder. Dad asked me several times “why?” and I just say that there are just no takers. Mom called and laughed at me over the phone. Ahaha.The above-mentioned ex whom I’m still friends with couldn’t understand why. My friends ask as well and I just give them the same answer. It’s true! I must be very unattractive or scary or both. 🙂


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