My Very Vampy Christmas

I got home at around 2am last night, which was very bad as I had to show up for work early the next day. But I was having so much fun at Joie’s Christmas party that I didn’t want to leave. I almost didn’t show up but my friends called and demanded that I come even if it was almost midnight.

I should have slept as soon as I arrived home but NOOO… I was seduced by the prospect of playing Vampires for a little while.

Attack your friends and turn them into bloody vampires. Bite all your friends with the curse of the vampire and see if you can turn them into undead, just like you.

Once you get an army of vampires behind you you’ll be ready to fight with other vampires. That’s not all, you can fight against zombies and werewolves too.

You get points for each friend you bite and even more points for each friend you manage to turn into a vampire. You can attack other vampires, zombies and werewolves several times a day to earn even more points.

Mine is a Level 5 Vampire Jedi. She’s so mean, which is why I’m sticking to one preternatural beastie instead of getting a werewolf, zombie and a slayer as well. Besides, vamps are way hotter than zombies. 😀

Facebook's Vampire Jedi

Lately, I’ve been amusing myself by playing with it. And when I got tired of fighting with my friends, I joined a “coven” through the forum. Haha… If others use Facebook to find friends or dates, I add people because we’re vampires.

Sign up and let me bite eat fight hug you, chump. 🙂


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