You’re my biggest puzzle… that’s why I can’t resist you.

It’s 2am and I should be in bed because I’ll be reporting for work in 5.5 hours. But instead, I’m sitting here in my boho pajamas, trying to ignore the cold (the heater gives me headaches) and typing this blog entry before I forget what I want to write.

People can be so strange. Some have everything they need, yet still want what they can’t have. And a number choose to go after these elusive things, encouraged by the challenge presented by resistance.

I’m like that.

If I get anything too easily–may it be material things, achievements, or even people–my interest wanes very quickly. And I learn to expect everything to come easily. Which is so wrong. But when faced with a puzzle that I’ve been trying to understand for WEEKS, I just can’t won’t give the person up because I equate it with failure. Plus I really enjoy the chase even if I’m not used to being the “forward” party. 😛

However, after tonight’s odd incident, I think I may have to leave this particular puzzle unsolved.

I’m giving you until tomorrow. If there’s no improvement, I’ll write this off as a learning experience and forget about you, your name, and your pretty eyes. I’ll cease all contact and I might even erase your number.

I can’t understand you, read you, or figure out what you think about me so I’ll just stop over-analyzing.

… Until you come again (soon? in a month? or two?), call me and make me play this guessing game all over again.

*wrinkles nose* I can be so silly. But it’s true, there are games that we just can’t win.


3 thoughts on “You’re my biggest puzzle… that’s why I can’t resist you.

  1. mitsuru, i’ve been making the first move since november! *wah* but i admit that they were very “safe” and polite first moves. =P maybe i don’t know how to be aggressive enough. haha…

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