A moment of weakness

I’m usually friendly but distant at the same time. Like I think I’m pretty approachable but I’m not the type to trust people easily and give anyone contact information just because. 🙂 I’ve experienced having some idiot call me again and again all night, all day, and even after I’ve told him several times not to. *cough*BavarianDonut*cough*

So why did I give this one my cellphone number? He’s not really my type. He’s also from the same institution and compound where my ex used to live, which is an automatic psychological turn-off (I don’t want to date the whole neighborhood). Just so I could explain why I said no when he asked me to dinner? (See above reasons.) Oh well, there must have been something in the fish stew.

Calls are pretty harmless. I can always drop it if I sense psycho vibes.

= =

Do you have Supermarket Comfort Zones? Personally, I find it annoying to shop in a super- or hyper-market with a layout I’m unfamiliar with so I tend to stick to one shopping place especially when I have a looong grocery list.

Looking for a pack of brown sugar in a big place when I’m on a tight schedule will never fail to kill my good mood.

… Which is what happened a few hours ago.

Anyway, I’m making pasta and butterscotch bars tomorrow. If you want to hang out and watch movies, call me. 🙂


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