It’s December again, the holidays are coming, my workload has doubled, and the cold is making me feel like an arthritic 89-year-old in the office no matter how thick my jackets are. These are the days when I feel thankful for having thick, ridiculously long hair; at least it’s additional insulation.

It’s so cold that you have to poke me with a pen to make me move.

I’m having a Scrooge-ish moment. I’m supposed to attend a party later and gifts will be exchanged. I bought a really fasyon shirt for my Monita (I just guessed the size and I hope it fits) and it’s something that I’d like to wear for myself so I’m having second thoughts about keeping it and buying another gift. But there’s really no time! Haha… Stop being so selfish, Steffi.

Besides, I can always return and buy the exact same shirt. 🙂

We don’t know who our Monitas are since everyone used code names and a brief wishlist is written underneath the names. My friend, Rachelle Huit, told me a few days ago that her Monita was ambisyosa (ambitious). I asked why, and she answered:

She likes things from Mango, Promod, and Zara. How will I buy anything from those places with just a 50 SR budget?

And she likes undies from LaSenza, she even wrote down her sizes!

I was looking at all of your chests, trying to guess who wears a 34C but I couldn’t tell!

I laughed and said:

Get another Monita. You picked me, and now I know that you did!


For the uninitiated, a Monita/Monito is the person whose name you pick out of a box during a gift-exchange for a Christmas party.


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