Puma on sale

I’m going to type this fast before work starts taking over my life.

  • Weekend was pretty busy. We went to a CFC Family Day and no one told us it was a formal event! Normally, family days are sports events, and people have to wear sneakers and rugged clothes and prepare to run around all day. But this time, we were expected to wear dresses and pointy shoes but nobody told us so we giggled around our table in all our under-dressed glory.
  • And yesterday, after Danielle’s birthday party, Elaine, Jovett and I went to this sportshop where they were selling Puma shoes for 15 riyals each! :0 It was incredible! Of course, one has to dig (and I do mean DIG) to get good ones but that’s just part of the fun. I got so many shoes for the whole family and I would’ve bought more but Dad convinced me that I wouldn’t be able to walk on the pavement in spiked soccer shoes even if they were cute and pink. Too bad.
  • I’ve tried hints, and they didn’t work. So to make things easier for the both of us, and to minimize misunderstandings, I said: “I’m free weekday nights after work, Saturday to Wednesday.” (And then I scrunched my face in embarrassment because it was so obvious and I’ve never had to fish for a date before.) But then he said that he would like to see me again before he leaves the country. Finally! I grinned and said: “I’d like that.”

Where did Mayumi!Steff go?

It’s proven. I’m really incapable of having Bulimia (not that I want to have it). I ate myself sick the whole Friday and my body was longing to throw up all the buttery stuff but I. Just. Can’t. It’s probably my bulimia-phobia.


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