Baby Geek Fest and Ancient Grease Politics

It should be illegal to get all stressed and panicky before breakfast on a Saturday morning but I somehow managed it. And breakfast was 3 pieces of toffee and a Tegretol tablet so I’m not even sure if that counts.

Yesterday, Jovett bribed Elaine, Cris and I with a Krua Thai dinner buffet so we would agree to judge the Interschool IT Olympics at the embassy. I buckled under the pressure of free Thai food so I showed up at the baby geek fest instead of spending another day sleeping and watching Malcolm in the Middle.

Every year, I find it more difficult to accept the widening gap between me and these high school students in terms of age and looks. Even at 20, I could still pass as one. And after two years I reached the I-look-like-a-Univ-student phase. But now I definitely look a lot OLDER than them. OMG, I look like an adult! My inner child is rebelling. *nosebleeds*

Apparently, while I was busy twiddling my thumbs this weekend, something VASTLY IMPORTANT happened. *rolls* It’s the usual coup-de-etat to oust the President organized by a Senator who shouldn’t have been voted for the position in the first place. This farce supposedly received massive news coverage around the world, proving that our country will always manage to embarrass itself when the politicians have extra time on their hands.

Now that everyone knows about it, I guess the value of the peso will plummet overnight. And that would make me happy because money that I send home would be worth more. My salary just increased by 50%, thanks to that dweeb, Trillanes. 😀 I should send him a thank you e-card.

I can even predict our political future… in a few years, all of this would be forgotten and the populace would adopt a placid let’s-just-forgive-everyone attitude. Arrested people will be pardoned and the major players would bank on their popularity to run for public office and will hold high positions in the government after the next elections. Don’t you just love the amazingly low mass IQ of our people?


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