Eligibility Requirement

First, a rant: Anakngtipaklong na araw ‘to! I have only one brain and one set of hands. So far, I haven’t taught my feet to type yet. It’s touching to see you dripping with consideration as you ask me to do something NOW when you already know that I’m juggling three things at the same time. It’s not urgent, chico. And I’m not going to kill myself to please you. Get over it.

My day started with a beautiful morning (Kuchi’s wake up call) but it eventually went worse with increased work exposure. Ahaha. What a surprise.

Let’s move to more entertaining topics. After reviewing the Most Eligible World Leaders list, I decided that I’m definitely interested in dating Prince Jigme, the Dragon King of Bhutan. Hehe. Just look at how cute he is:

Prince JigmePrince Jigme

Now the world’s youngest head of state, the Dragon King’s matinée-idol looks and polite manners will almost make you forget that he rules over a devastatingly poor, landlocked kingdom right in the center of the Himalayas; GDP per capita is a paltry $1,400 and the kingdom didn’t have television until 1999. King Namgyal is a modernizer, however, and aims to raise living standards by promoting what he and his father call “Gross National Happiness.” If you think you can raise the king’s own gross happiness, book your trip now: Bhutan permits only about 6,000 foreign visitors each year. And if you really want to be the Dragon Queen, you’d better be prepared to share the title. Namgyal’s father had four wives, all of whom were sisters.

It’s just a pity because I’m not the type to share. And I won’t stand for any Dragon Queens 2, 3 or 4 when I’m already in the picture. But then I don’t have any marriageable sisters at present. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Eligibility Requirement

  1. When I’m reincarnated, I’ll ask for multiple personality disorder.

    Then I can live 10 separate lives with 10 separate wives…

    Much easier than the headache of polygamy (or having a gf or mistress on the side).

    No no dear *I* didn’t sleep with her.. that was Bob.

    No not *that* Bob – he’s married to Jane – the *other* Bob.

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