Bookish. Fun. Funny.

I got the books from Kay today since she and her husband would be moving out of the city and are selling stuff from their library at very attractive prices. 9 books!!! 9 slightly used but perfectly good books to read and hug before bedtime. 😀 (That statement just proved how incredibly single I am, hahaha.)

I almost want to skip gym today and read. But I won’t, I’ll be good.

J is still obsessed with his Famous People picture. I recognize a few faces but I’m afraid to start listing their names because I’ll never stop until I’ve managed to know them all.

I had my appointment this morning. Dear Dr BS* looks so professional, but I have a feeling that he’s incredibly naughty, judging from the first question he asked as soon as I sat beside him. And I haven’t even started telling him about why I was there in the first place. He was so pilyo, but the check-up was fun. Or funny… depends on how you see it.

* The initials are real and is not a shortcut for that popular adjective.


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