Take your Lips off my Mug!

Exactly seven months ago, I got a really pretty clumsy-proof mug for my coffee addiction here at work. I even wrote my name underneath in permanent marker for the benefit of those with the compulsion to steal coffee mugs that belong to poor, defenseless, and infinitely kind (lol) 24-year-old girls.

Well, the unthinkable did happen. It disappeared. And I don’t really feel like checking every office here in the department to see which macho-acting MD took my flowery-girly mug. I know for certain that it’ll just turn up one of these days with coffee dregs at the bottom and someone’s lipmarks all over the rim. *shudders*

Last Thursday was the Epilepsy Awareness Day. There was free ice cream, cotton candy, pop corn, Burger King, and you should have seen the crafts tables. 😀 But I left early to go to the Art Exhibit for Gawad Kalinga at the Embassy. I had to wear a filmy dress that I last wore when I was 18. It’s a miracle that it still fit!

For most of my life I’ve been moaning about my weight, called my self fat, obese, etc… It’s all part of a normal girl’s body dysmorphic disorder. But last Wednesday in the gym, I saw this gorgeous blonde girl in matching pink work-out clothes that clung at the right places–and I mean everywhere! She was probably just an inch taller but she was bigger than me in all places, but she was toned so perfectly that when I looked at the mirror I thought I looked pathetically skinny with no curves at all. *WAH* For the first time in my life I saw myself as thin and it didn’t make me feel happy because I wanted to be curvy when all my life, people have been telling me that I looked exactly like that.

So be glad for what you have. And go to the gym.


ETA @ 12:53 PM

I found my mug. And you know who took it… our CHAIRMAN. Yes, the Big Boss. 😛
Do you think he’ll rinse it (well) and give it back? Haha. Not.


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