Absolut-ly Real

Caution… rant coming.

Why and I do mean WHY are some of my girl-friends so obsessed with the thought of having a boyfriend who will turn into a wonderful fiance that will eventually morph into the perfect husband? Fine, everyone needs love so life can be peachy. But do they have to base their lives’ fulfillment, happiness, and view of their future success on men?

“Oh, but even if you’re stressed at least you have a boyfriend.”

“I want to get married very soon. Start a family.”

“It frustrates me to be 24 and still be single.”

These are not light-hearted comments. They’re dead serious declarations from smart, professional women in their 20’s. They pray for boyfriends so often with such earnestness and wallow in pits of depression at the thought of staying single in the years to come. Oh joy. The world will end because we’re still single.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for having serious relationships. Every time I have a relationship, I always hope for it to last (translation: never end). Because that’s the point of having a relationship: hope. And maybe that’s why I’ve had so few in my life, haha, because so many young men are too absorbed in the concept of Fun-Now.

But at least I don’t go around looking glum and focusing on finding a mate (Christ, what a term!) because there’s no one with higher testosterone levels to hold my hand and call me good night before I sleep.

I better end this now or I’ll combust in righteous indignation.

And just to cheer myself up, here are a few funny Absolut ads. I adore their printed stuff. And one of my few favorite drinks is 7-up with a shot or two of Absolut Kurant and a cherry.


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