I’m suffering from paranoia. I need vanilla tea NOW. Hahaha… this blog will be the death of me.

I just need a favor from you, if you’re reading this. Could you please leave a brief comment, just tell me where you’re from and how you stumbled on this site. That way it’ll help me breathe easier.

I can’t explain, you’ll just laugh at my “neurosis”, just like Dr T. Geez.

Honestly, I don’t mind it if anyone reads my blog. I normally don’t care, because I figured it wasn’t that easy to find, and no one would have the patience to read through all my posts. Plus the point of a blog is showing it to the public. 🙂 Until my stat counter visitor analysis made me panic because… well, I would be embarrassed if a certain someone did read my blog. *nosebleeds*

So there.


4 thoughts on “Neurotic

  1. Okay, let’s see: it’s my first visit. I’m a blog friend of Sunny’s, and I was just posting over at Twitter. I clicked over to his account and happened to glance at his friends or followers or followees or some such and saw you there, clicked on your profile, and then clicked on your blog link. I have no idea why!

    Anyways, I’m clearly not the person you’re fretting about. And if I AM, well, that would be weird.

    Hope the nosebleed stops…

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