From Scratch

I’m a simple girl.

I don’t stalk the people I like the way this priest stalked Conan O’Brien. I don’t believe in wasting my energies on indirect routes like pumping his whole Friendster contacts list for information. I much prefer contacting that person so we can talk and find out if there’s something interesting beneath that pretty face.

But like any modern girl, I like to Google people. 🙂 Practically everyone has an online profile or a blog and I like being prepared for anything or at least have a basic idea of what the person is like.

But it frustrates me when all the sites Google manages to cough up are in a foreign language. The guy doesn’t even have MySpace or Facebook. *sigh* A not-so-interactive 26-year-old. This is the first time I’ll be eating lunch with someone whose favorite music, books and movies I don’t already know. I’ll have to start convos from scratch!

But, like I told J before, the harder it is and the more mysterious he seems, the happier I am. 🙂

On a happy note, my ultra-terrible headache is almost gone. I love you Tylenol. And Flip is texting me all kinds of things that make me giggle. Kaloka.

Also, I called home and listened to my baby sister sing songs to me in her cute, cute voice. How can anyone not adore her?

Mawy had a little lamb, its fweece was white as snow.


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