The Date That Never Was

The Girl: Steffi. 24. Semi-workaholic, part petiksaholic. Speaks English and Tagalog.
The Boy: Hannes. Mid-20-ish. Workaholic. Speaks German and English.

Because he’s leaving for Austria the next day, he said he would come to see her. After gym, she waited until he finally got off work. After some confusion about the location of her workplace (er, language barrier) he finally got the taxi to drive him to one of the gates.

Then, guess what?

The stupenduf*ckin’ security decided to pick on him and didn’t let him in. So they said goodbye at the gate for one minute and he left. For three years, they let all her exes, flings, friends, and other people in BUT not Hannes.

What an idiotically frustrating night!

Bye, Hannes. Have a safe flight tomorrow. I might see you after three weeks or I might not. You said you’d call, but you’re a guy and could be lying so who knows? We might never share that bratwurst on rye bread. Tsk, and you were so gorgeous.

This calls for a looooong sleep.


ETA @ 10:20 pm

Yes, he texted back. How nice. Hannes and Steffi will see each other in three weeks. So the Date That Never Was will hopefully turn into a Date That Will Be. I still can’t pronounce his last name. 🙂


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