j: What’s up? you seem unhappy.
me: I feel fat.
j: 😐 Need some reassurance? 🙂
me: No. I need a poncho. LOL
j: What can I say? 🙂 you’re not FAAAAT!
j: You’re both your friend’s definition of “cute” and “hot” – you dress to kill even when you’re not dressing to kill. 🙂 Even gay guys swoon as you pass the corridor. And I love your hair too even if you don’t. 😀 How was that?
me: LOL. I almost believed you until i reached the “even gay guys” part. hahahahaha!!!!!
j: Oh that. Well that’s your B.O. sweetheart. I was just too nice to mention it … (just kidding)
me: *dies*

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