Elaine and I had our birthday party last Thursday night, 1 November. We were really (pleasantly) surprised because it ended up being more successful than we expected! Everything was great: the lights, the food, the music… and after I went around three times with bottles of wine and glasses, everyone became pretty much buzzed enough to dance.

But everything wouldn’t be possible without the incredible Team Saffie; includes Saf, Flip, Ryan, Ken, Abs, Kuya Erwin and other guys I don’t even know who played, helped with the preparations, solved all emergencies, babysat my Dad, and cleaned up like maniacs after everything was done. THANK YOU GUYS! Mwah mwah MWAH!!!

Pictures from that party will come later after I’ve collected the album. For now, here are shots of Elaine and me from a pictorial the night before:

happy birthday tooooooo meeeee!!!


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