Destiny’s Child Phobia

I need to re-contract so I can get my (super-delayed) pay. Or I’ll be in serious financial trouble. Hahaha! I take care of other people’s contracts but I keep on forgetting mine.

Do your re-contracting first thing in the morning.

Kuchi’s latest email made me smile. Our ability to hold on and resulting inability to move on amazes me. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever get to have a normal life–meet someone new, get married, have kids, be a soccer mom, etc. Or if I’ll be stuck in this self-created rut forever. I can write a movie script based on parts of my life. But sometimes boring can be good.

But I’m still not willing to let go. Stubborn me. Stubborn us. 🙂

And since I’m done with tonight’s drop of drama, let me just say that I’m still sick of hearing Emotions by Destiny’s Child. Really, really sick!

I made the mistake of playing that song over and over one night at the dorm six years ago. I successfully traumatized myself and my dorm mates with SEVERE SONG STRESS SYNDROME and I bet even Alet would still shudder if she hears Emotions played today.


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