Loss of Memory + Neurosis

Tricia’s Birthday Amnesia must be contagious. I almost forgot it was Dad’s birthday yesterday and I only greeted him when I was already at work. Thank God for my Gmail calendar alarm. And when I arrived at home, I took a nap, planning to rest a little before baking a cake for dinner. But I woke up 8 hours later and it was already 2 AM! *double-headesks*

So I baked the chocolate coffee cake just now. It’ll be a day late when he wakes up, but it’s the thought that counts, right? 🙂 My dad and I have our differences and we could fight like crazy; it’s been that way ever since I was a teenager. But he’s still my Dad and I’m proud of him. Love you Dad!

Happy 48th Birthday DAD!!!

I picked up a 2002 magazine while I was waiting for the cake to cool and one article amused me: Compu-Babble Made Easy. According to this…

  • 256 MB of RAM will be very comfortable. But for serious gambling or video editing, better get twice the amount.
  • If you want to store lots of “space hogs”, such as digital photos, music, and video, go for a 40 GB hard drive though 20 GB should be all right for the average family’s digital den.
  • Your digital den needs only a 1-gigahertz processor.

2002 is now officially a part of the Stone Age. Haha.

Earlier this afternoon, a cute Neurologist whom I’ve been crushing on for ages asked if I was neurotic because I always seemed anxious. And when he started joking, I responded with awkward silences until he gave up. Yes, that’s me: comfortable and occasionally witty in normal company… until you put a cute guy in front of me, then I turn into a 12-year old.

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