Mr. Brooks is Hungry

I don’t enjoy killing, Mr. Smith. I do it because I’m addicted to it.

Mr. Brooks is a psychological thriller starring Kevin Costner, Demi Moore and William Hurt.

I’m not a big fan of Costner or Moore but they’ve exceeded all my expectations in this movie. As a respected man in the community with a secret addiction to killing, Costner plays his role to perfection. He smoothly slips from being Mr. Brooks the smart businessman with an ideal life to Mr. Brooks the chilling Thumbprint Killer when he is with his alter-ego, Marshall (Hurt).

There is something almost endearing with the relationship between Brooks and Marshall that in spite of their horrible hobby, I found myself cheering for them until the end. Hurt is positively brilliant as Marshall–playing the anti-conscience to Brooks’ struggling character. The ultimate BI. 😀

Mr. Brooks’ string of perfect crimes is broken when a photographer takes a picture of him in the act of his latest murder. And his daughter quits college, comes home, announces that she is pregnant but hides a deeper secret of her own.

Moore de-glamorized herself as Detective Atwood. She isn’t portrayed as a stock character and the script delves into her personal life; the problems of her divorce settlement and the risk of being hunted by a different serial killer bent on revenge is highlighted. When Brooks crosses paths with the detective, he finds himself liking instead of hating her, and eventually kills her ex-husband and his divorce lawyer as a “favor” to Atwood.

Every time I watch an on-screen murder, I always wonder whether the murderers ever get nervous. As the annoying photographer Bafford/Smith, Dane Cook finally confirms my suspicion while they creep inside their victim’s house as he says: “I have to take a crap so badly.”

When watching movies, my attention usually wanders after half an hour or, at the very worst, I fall asleep. But Mr. Brooks managed to keep me fascinated until the credits started rolling.

I give this my personal five-star rating. Mr. Brooks also stars Marg Helgenberger and Danielle Panabaker.


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