Glam Farm

Spent the day with Jovett and Elaine touring a farm owned by a prince who is the son of either King Abdullah or Crown Prince Sultan. I forgot. 🙂

And when I say “farm”, I’m not talking about tracks of land with rustic cows roaming freely beside the rice fields. This one had its own huge vegetable greenhouse with the biggest pumpkins I’ve ever seen, date farm, poultry house, sheep farm, mushroom-growing place, olive area, and lots and lots of stables. They probably bred horses. Plus nice flower gardens, a soccer field, a racetrack (!), and lots of green open spaces. Farming has never been this glam.

A group of us piled into two coasters and drove all over the place. The Ambassador and his wife were there with a number of families. But the real star of the place was 8-year old Andrei, the son of a Pinoy and a Ukranian girl. He was so cute, and he knew everything about the place. He served as our enthusiastic tour guide throughout the whole trip.

Lunch was a picnic buffet; the food was excellent so I ate too much as usual. Nestor and Odessa’s baby girl, Danielle, kept us laughing the whole afternoon with her antics, helping us burn the calories.

It’s late now but I still feel so full, I’m never going to eat again. XP

Cathy: How are you?
Me: Spent a day in a prince’s farm.
Cathy: O_O Did you see golden toilets?


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